BBA Awards Night at Blacksburg Country Club

Blacksburg, August 19, 2007 --- The Blacksburg Baseball Association officially concluded its Spring season with its annual awards banquet at Blacksburg Country Club. All-Star players from the 9-10, 11-12, and 13-14 year-old Dixie teams attended. Blacksburg High School Head Baseball Coach, Jim Shockley, spoke to the crowd about the sport of baseball, how baseball is progressing Blacksburg, and all the good things that are happening in the varsity program. Coach Shockley said that seeing the BBA website after his team qualified for regionals really emphaized what the BBA is doing over time. He said that seeing the picture comparing the 2001 Dixie Youth 11-12 All-Star team to his present varsity squad really hit home (8 of the same players). He also added that everyone at the high school was so excited about the minors World Series team that even during varsity football practice, everyone was getting periodic updates with scores, etc. He concluded his speech by encouraging all the players to stick with the sport of baseball, and that dreams really can come true. League President Don Gresh announced the BBA and BHS plan on having a Dixie Youth day during one of the varsity baseball games.

All the league hardware.

11-12 coaches John Dascanio, George Remsen, and Mike Barry gather before the awards.

Coach Shockley addresses the players and parents.

Coach Decota Huff, Vicky Wall (for her husband Jeff) and Don Gresh congratulate 13-14 player Camden Hamden.

Manager Barry congratulates 11-12 player Cody Minnix.

Manager Mike Barry congratulates 11-12 player Dylan McMahan.

Coach Remsen collects his hardware.

Don Gresh tells the crowd how much the BBA appreciates Mike Barry and the time he gives to the league.

9-10 player, Hal Hughes gets his award and his expression says it all.

Ethan Goforth, Thomas Hughes, and Jake McCoy survey their well deserved plaques.

Don Gresh tells the crowd how much time Mike Goforth invested in the kids and how much it means to the BBA.

Manager Mike Goforth collects his hardware.

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