Blacksburg May Have Been Sent to World Series for a Reason

August 5, 2007, Madison Heights, VA --- Blacksburg may have been sent to the 2007 Dixie Youth World Series for a reason. While at the team hotel, panic broke out as someone started yelling that a child from North Carolina was at the bottom of the pool. The water was so murky from too much chlorine that according to Mike Goforth "you couldn't see down three feet." The 12 year old Majors player was found at the bottom of the pool in 10 feet of water. Mike Goforth made four trips to the bottom, but couldn't locate the child. The child was eventually found by Tracy Goforth, who is Mike's wife and an ex-lifeguard. CPR was immediately administered by Mike and Norman Croy. They were able to re-start the heart, but the child didn't regain consciousness. He was taken to UVA, where he is recovering. The child was in great hands...Tracy, being a ex-lifeguard, Mike as head trainer for VT, and two off duty sheriff deputies, Norman Croy, and Chris Lucas.

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