Semi-Final Game Postponed Due to Rain

Moyer Sports Complex, Salem, July 24, 2007 --- A rare occurrence happened in Salem on Tuesday night...A game was postponed at Moyer Complex. Known for having some of the best field people in the country, it's not often that games are lost in Salem. However, several hours of hard rain late Tuesday morning, and through the early afternoon provided a big challenge for the staff at Moyer. After a couple of hours of hard work, they were able to get the field playable. In the 6:00 game, Halifax outlasted Charlotte County 8-6 in an extra inning game that lasted a full 9 innings. Almost exactly at the time of completion of the game, another hard rain hit Salem and set in for 45 minutes. According to Moyer's manager Brad Epperley, "There just wasn't anything we could do." State Director Charlie Green announced that the remaining tournament would be backed up one day. Wednesday's Blacksburg game is scheduled for a 6:00 start. If Blacksburg wins, they will face Halifax for the championship. Halifax would need to beat Blacksburg twice in order to win the tournament. If Salem wins, all three teams will have one loss, and a draw will occur to determine which team gets the bye until Thursday. The 11-12 year old majors game between Salem and Grayson County will resume tomorrow exactly where it was stopped.

Scott Siburt and John Simonetti brave the rain to watch Blacksburg play.

The Blacksburg players patiently wait in their dugout for an announcement.

Even after the rain finally stopped, the fields took too much water.

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