WSLS Channel 10 films World Series preparations

August 2, 2007, Blacksburg --- WSLS Channel 10's Chris Whitley visited Kipps on Thursday for about 45 minutes to interview players and film practice. The segment will air on Friday at 6:00, 10:00 (FOX), and 11:00PM.

Weekend Anchor Chris Whitley

Manager Mike Goforth pitches BP.

Will Murray at the plate.

Infield drill.

Tracy Goforth takes a break from many of the World Series planning activities.

Team parents gather around the field to watch practice and socialize.

Blacksburg utilizes many "stations" at practice.

Jim McCoy serves up a "tater" as Chris Whitley films.

Blacksburg players sprint from one drill to the next.

Caden Croy's hat has special meaning.

Thomas Hughes speaks with Channel 10.

Ethan Goforth smiles for the camera.

Hal Hughes delivers a pitch to the plate in scrimmage work.

Eli Straw and Will Murray between drills.

Tyler Davis at the plate.

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