NOTE:  Tournament Director with the WRITTEN consent of all team managers may change the time of assigned games if it is done before the tournament starts.

The Pairings


First round pairings are drawn at the state meeting in February.  Times of second and third games approximate.  They will begin as soon as possible after the completion of the preceding game.  The schedule will be followed on dates specified unless postponed because of weather or other reasons.  The tournament director will schedule the games in the order of their postponement.  Every team plays every round.  If three teams remain after game 12 & 13 a drawing will be held to see which teams play and which team draws a bye.


The bottom of the bracket will be Home Team up to Game 14

Halifax County S.







Game 1







July 21  2:00PM







Grayson Cty. Am.

Game 7

Winner Game 7






July 22 6:00 PM













Game 2







July 21  4:00 PM


Game 11

Winner Game 11




Rustburg Am.


July 23 7:00 PM












Charlotte County




Winner Game 13



Game 3







July 21  6:00 PM








Game 8

Winner Game 8

Game 13





July 22 8:00 PM


July 24, 8:00 PM




Bedford Metro




Game 14



Game 4




July 25, 7:00 PM



July 21  8:00 PM




This game will

Game 15


Salem National




Do a coin toss




Grayson Cty.

Winner Game 5


For home team

(If Necessary)



Game 5

Game 9

Winner Game 9





July 22 2:00 PM

July 23 3:00 PM



Winner Game14




Loser Game 8








Loser Game 11

Winner Game 12



Game 12


Charlotte County

Winner Game 6

July 24, 6:00 PM





Game 6

Game 10






July 22 4:00 PM

July 23 5:00 PM

Winner Game 10






Loser Game 7