Blacksburg Baseball Association

Spring 2009 Registration Form

Please print this form, fill it out, and mail it, with registration fee, to BBA, 2900 Tall Oaks Dr., Blacksburg VA 24060.

Registration due date --- March 21 for 12-and-under, May 1 for 13-14, May 15 for 15-18.

Registration Fee is due at time of registration ($75 for 6-8 year olds, $100 for 9-12, $110 for 13-15, TBD for 15-18; $25 late fee)


Player’s Name (please print neatly):______________________________________

Date of Birth: __________________________     Age on April 30, 2009: _______

Address: _________________________________________________________

Phone: _______________________

Player’s Experience/Skill Level (circle one) --- of use in dividing up teams

       Beginner     Intermediate     Advanced


Primary Adult’s Contact Information

Parent’s/Guardian’s Name: ___________________________________________

Parent’s/Guardian’s Address: _________________________________________

Evening Phone: ____________________________

Daytime Phone: ____________________________

Cell Phone: _______________________________

E-mail address: ____________________________

Guardian’s Spouse or Other Parent’s Name: _____________________________                                              

Additional Emergency Contact: _______________________________________

Phone: _______________________________


Uniform Preferences

Preferred Jersey Size (circle one):     Youth Medium      Adult Small (same as YL)

                                         Adult Medium (same as YXL)            Adult Large


Preferred Jersey Number (give three in order of preference): ____   ____   ____


If you would like to financially sponsor part of the league (advertising, uniforms,

etc.), or make an individual donation, please indicate here: ________


The following TWO items must be signed or your child cannot participate.


In the event that I am not present, I hereby give permission to my assigned coaches to

seek medical care for my child.


Signature: _________________________________   Date: ________________


I hereby accept all risk and responsibility associated with participation in this league.


Signature: ______________________________________  Date: __________________


Blacksburg Baseball Association Fact Sheet

(You may keep this fact sheet)             [email protected]


The Blacksburg Baseball Association was formed in 1999 to provide players with the opportunity to play competitive baseball.  Any child who resides in the Blacksburg School District is eligible to participate in the BBA’s Dixie Youth franchise program.  All players are accepted.


Spring Baseball


During the regular spring season, the BBA provides a 6-8 coach pitch, a 9-10 kid pitch, and 11-12 kid pitch Dixie Youth programs, and 13-14, 15-18 Dixie Boys/Majors/Junior Legion programs.  A player’s age on April 30 of any give year determines “league age” for that spring.  In the spring, the Blacksburg Baseball Association is a member of a local Dixie Youth league consisting of teams from Christiansburg, Radford, Shawsville/Elliston, and Auburn.  Home Dixie Youth games are played at Kipps while “away” games are played at the respective team site.  Teams play approximately 18 games each.  The spring season ends prior to the start of the Blacksburg Parks and Rec summer recreational baseball program for children 12 and under.  We strongly encourage players to participate in the town’s program. 


At the end of the regular season, each Dixie Youth franchise fields an All-Star team for the double elimination District Tournament.  The BBA is a member of Dixie District 3, consisting of teams from Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Radford, Montgomery County, Pulaski County East, Pulaski County West, and Patrick County.


Fall Baseball


In the fall, the league is “developmental.”  While still competitive, the BBA stresses skills needed for next spring.  Fall does not include a 15-18 age group.  In the fall, players play in the age group based on their age on April 30, of the next year.  Thus the age groups for fall are:


6-8 coach pitch age group      (children of age 6,7,8 on April 30, of next year, age 5,6,7 this year)

9-10 kid pitch age group          (children of age 9,10 on April 30, of next year, age 8,9 this year)

11-12 kid pitch age group        (children of age 11,12 on April 30, of next year, age 10,11 this year)

13-14 kid pitch age group        (children of age 13,14 on April 30, of next year, age 12,13 this year)


In summary, whatever age group a player is eligible for next spring determines their group for the fall season.


Player Registration Fee


The registration fee helps cover approximately 60-70% of our costs, which include a two button jersey and fitted hat for each player, team equipment, baseballs, umpires, liability insurance, medical insurance, and field rentals.  The remaining costs are covered by generous business sponsors in our community.