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Blacksburg Baseball Association

Spring 2003 Baseball Season Summary

Regular season play in the Blacksburg Baseball Association began in April and went through the end of June. There were 3 teams in the 11-12 year-old division (Majors) and 2 teams in the 9-10 year-old division (Minors). The Blacksburg teams competed against each other, and against teams from Auburn, Christiansburg, Radford, and Shawsville. Teams played a total of at least 15 regular season games. Depending on rain, some teams played as many as 23 games.

After the regular season, both age divisions fielded all-star teams. Both Blacksburg teams reached the semi-finals in the District 3 Dixie Youth Baseball Tournament held in Pulaski, Virginia. The 9-10 team defeated Pulaski and Franklin County. The team lost to eventual tournament winner Patrick County. After defeating Pulaski and Montgomery County, the 11-12 team was defeated by Patrick County. Patrick County 11-12 went on to win the district tournament and also finished second in the state tournament.

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